The vintages

What is a vintage?

A vintage represents the year of cultivation, harvesting and vinification of a wine. This is what we can more commonly call: the age of a wine! This allows each person buying a bottle to know and judge the organoleptic evolution of the wine; from one year to another, on an identical appellation, it is likely that the wine will be entirely different. Do you know why?

What influences the evolution of a wine?

The climatological conditions from one region to another affect the taste as well as the evolution of the wine. Heat, frost or humidity are factors of evolution. In addition, depending on their years of production, some wines guarantee a perfect evolution, making the bottle increase in value simply by the vintage.

Where do you find the vintage on a bottle?

It's easy! It is mainly on the front of the bottle, on the “label” side. You can also find this date on the collar and often on the cap. However, for some regions, it happens that the vintage is on the back label, i.e. at the back of the bottle. Moreover, the vintage must appear and be visible to all. Indeed, this is part of the indication obligations!

How do I know the characteristics of each vintage?

Nothing could be simpler! We invite you to click below, on the vintage for which you want information, and voila!

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