The values of Grands Bourgognes

The team today is above all passionate and eager to share its wine discoveries. Their enthusiasm is palpable and communicative!

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Our History

Creation of Grands Bourgognesc

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Creation of the website

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Implementation of our commercial website

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Installation of our warehouse, our offices and our Wine-Shop in Brochon

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Passage to...

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Extension of our storage space by 400m2

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Lionnel et Didier

Two brothers, a common passion and an unfailing complementarity

Initially hotel and restaurant owners with the Château de Saulon and the Castel de Très Girard in the Côte de Nuits, Lionnel and Didier have been working together for over 20 years.

The richness of their differences created a seamless complementarity between Lionnel and Didier. The desire to devote themselves to their common passion for wine was an obvious choice. The Petitcolas brothers naturally turned to the flagship product of their region to highlight its thousand facets.

Clients, family, friends and restaurateurs have been quick to trust Lionnel and Didier's authentic experience and proven skills to "unearth" nuggets...

Lionnel Lionnel
Vintage 68 Lionnel

After graduating with a scientific baccalaureate and working as a manager in Parisian finance at the beginning of his career, Lionnel quickly returned to his native Burgundy in 1997 to begin his professional adventure with his brother.

He has been managing the company for more than twenty years, supported by his wife Anne-Céline and sustained by the confidence of his team and the great winemakers with whom he works.

Definitely in love with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, his passion for the work but especially his rigor allow him to have a growing confidence in his collaborators!

Didier Didier
Vintage 66 Didier

Didier started his professional career in the restaurant business.
He then worked for fifteen years in the hotel and restaurant industry within the Accor group. In 1996, he returned to Burgundy where he trained in oenology before taking over the restaurant "Castel de Très Girard" in Morey-Saint-Denis.

In the team, Didier is the man on the ground. He manages the purchases, the negotiations and the cordial relations with the winemakers. The finesse of his palate makes him an excellent taster. Thanks to his discoveries, the whole team is proud to offer carefully selected wines.

He is a sports and cigar enthusiast, and a true epicurean who favors convivial moments. His favorite wine? The Pinot Noir from Domaine Ganevat in the Jura. But hush!

The GB team

Around these two great vintages of "Grands Bourgognes", an effervescent team.

Anne Céline Anne Céline
Anne-Céline Petitcolas
Administrative Manager Arrival in 1999 Benevolent
Mathilde Barbier Mathilde Barbier
Mathilde Barbier
Executive Assistant Arrival in October 2016 Sparkling
Camille Remondet Camille Remondet
Camille Remondet
E-Consultant - Sales Administration Arrival in August 2018 Dedicated
Marine Arbel Marine Arbel
Marine Arbel
Commerciale CHR - Responsable Wine-Shop Arrival in April 2019 Passionate
David Barotte David Barotte
David Barotte
Order picker - Delivery person Arriving in July 2019 Ordered
Lucas Blanchet Lucas Blanchet
Lucas Blanchet
Order picker - Delivery person Arriving in October 2021 Dynamics
Élisa Budin Élisa Budin
Élisa Budin
Assistante Marketing et Communication Arrivée en août 2022 Créative
Vincent Tota Vincent Tota
Vincent Tota
Wine-Shop Advisor Arrivé en novembre 2022 Épicurien